A Look at Immersion Heaters and Their Manufacturers

An immersion heater is an electric device that is planted or installed in a small or large tank in order to heat up the liquid. The installation procedures can be performed either over-the-side, threaded or flanged.

Major kinds of immersion heaters include Thermostats or Temperature Control, Popular, Over-the-Side, Threaded or Screw Plug, Screw Plug Immersion Heaters with Single Thread Pipe Construction, Flanged Immersion Heaters, Over the Side and Portable Tank Heaters. Out of all the forms of heating devices, immersion heaters are one of the most popular ones in the light of their ease of use, and the electricity that they consume. Right from household related jobs to the industrial applications, these heating devices prove to be highly advantageous for the users.

Theeta is one of the most formidable immersion heater manufacturers and heating bundle India companies that exports these electric devices for a wide variety of industry verticals across the globe. From cast heating devices for plastics extruders to the extreme contact thermal devices which are used in semiconductors’ production, Theeta makes them all. The company offers a wide range of heating solutions with perfect industry parameters and customized designs, to match the needs of any kind of thermal processing equipment.

Theeta’s formidable reputation as a leading heater manufacturer is a crystal clear testimony to what the company delivers. The company’s commitment to produce highly cost-effective process air heaters in India with no compromise on any quality parameter has always been at the core of its manufacturing excellence, all the way.


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